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Our Float Pods

State-of-the-Industry Technology in Float Pods

  • ​Keeping it Clean - Each Float Pod has advanced filter technology that cycles the Epsom salt/water solution between every float at a rate of 32 gallons per minute; an automatic chemical feeder and ultraviolet purification system to keep each Float Pod completely sanitary. Additionally, our staff inspects every Float Pod between every session. You'll likely never be in cleaner water!

  • No Sound or Your Sound - Our Float Pods also suppress external noise. It is important to note, that all scientific research conducted on the use of sensory deprivation devices, such as The Float Pod, required participants to float in silence. Prefer music or meditative sounds? Our Float Pods include audio capability so you can listen through your smart phone by plugging it in directly into the Float Pod and utilizing its audio system.  

  • Chromotherapy - You can choose between a variety of light colors or to float in complete darkness.

  • Temperature Controlled - The water solution and the air are heated to skin temperature (approximately 94 degrees F). This reduces tactile stimulation.

  • Communications - You may communicate directly to Float Effects employees during your float session at any time.

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